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Trimble NetRS receiver firmware version 1.3-2

The latest public version of firmware for the Trimble NetRS is 1.3-2, released in November of 2012.  This "under-the-hood" maintenance release includes updates to help protect the NetRS receiver against several types of network and RF-based attacks that were identified during security vulnerability assessments.

A key feature of this release is that it can be installed on all NetRS receivers regardless of the warranty date or status.   No warranty code will be requested by the receiver during the installation process even if the Warranty Date shown in the web interface has passed.

Given that all known features and bug fixes from previous versions are included in this release, we recommend that this version be installed on all receivers, particularly those with versions older than 1.3-0.

Download links for the installation file and official release notes are linked below:
1.3-2 Release Notes (pdf)

Before you upgrade the firmware, download and back up any data files or configuration settings.  We have occasionally observed that data files that are "in progress" (i.e. those that have not been closed at the end of a day or hour) are not saved when firmware is installed or receivers restarted.  To avoid this you should disable logging sessions and download the files before appying a firmware update, but be sure to reenable the logging session when you’re done!

Configuration files generated by using firmware versions 1.3-0 and 1.3-1 may be used with 1.3-2.  Configuration files generated with versions older than 1.3-0 may also be applied, but it is recommended that users generate new configuration files once this version has been installed to properly configure or disable newer features.  

Trimble recommends that users not apply configuration files to firmware versions earlier than those used to generate them, although this has been tested with no ill effects observed.  Do so at your own risk.

From the Release Notes:

To date, Trimble has not received any reports of user-installed receivers that have had their security compromised. However, recent trends within the industry indicate increasing cyber-attacks. Therefore, Trimble strongly recommends that you upgrade to firmware version 1.3-2, and review the security implemented in your receiver.

For a general guideline on receiver security, go to: Infrastructure Security Guidelines

Given the security-related aspect of this release, all Trimble NetRS receivers are entitled to install this firmware version regardless of the current firmware warranty date.

Before you upgrade the firmware, download and back up any files or configuration settings.

UNAVCO Configuration Files are available at the NetRS Resource Page and for Polar Applications at the Remote Station Engineering Page

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